Member Pages

The following links are to sites of Network members. They will help you to get a sense of the rich work that our members do in their communities.  If you are a member of the Network and would like your information listed here, please fill out the Membership Intake Form. If you’d like to consider being a member of the Network, take a look here.

Annemarie McLaughlin — Annmarie believes that everyone has a story and the voice to tell it; she is an Amherst Writers & Artists certified workshop facilitator and works in Sante Fe, New Mexico. More information can be found at her website.

Caryn Miriam-Goldberg — Caryn offers TLA workshops, retreats, consulting in addition to over ten books (including poetry, memoir, anthologies about TLA and more), a daily blog, “Everyday Magic,” and a weekly column on yoga and writing. While she lives and works primarily in Kansas, she travels widely.

Jennifer Cross — Through Writing Ourselves Whole, Jen offers writing workshops on reclaiming the erotic, for survivors, and for the general public. She reads and performs frequently in the San Francisco area.

Joy Zimmerman — Blending music, songwriting, and social work, Joy performs widely in the Kansas City area and leads workshops and retreats.

Kelly DuMar, M.Ed., C.P. — Kelly is a poet, playwright, and expressive arts workshop facilitator. She founded and produces an annual festival of women playwrights & poets, Our Voices, now in its ninth year.

Kelly Hams-Pearson — Kelly is committed to bringing poetry and voice to artistically under-served populations.

Linda Dill — Linda manages marketing and scheduling for Joy Zimmerman Music.

Margaret Dubay Mikus — Margaret uses her poetry, photography and songs to nurture, nourish, heal and inspire body-mind-emotion-spirit. Learn more about her practice, Full Blooming.

Martin Swinger — Martin writes and performs songs of intelligence, wit and imagination shedding light on universal themes which connect us as individuals. He introduces songwriting activities in K-5 classrooms and wins national awards for songwriting excellence.

Mike Seliger Mike is a creative communicator using story, written and spoken word to educate and empower individuals and communities. He is trained in physical performance (mime/ clown) as well as storytelling, and is on the board of Healing Story Alliance.

Scott Youmans — This Energetic Man includes blog entries, online and in-person writing groups in the Philadelphia area, including Writing for Wellness Circles and Trying on the Shadows workshops.

Stephanie Y. Evans, PhD — Dr. Stephanie Y. Evans is Chair of the Department of Africana Women’s Studies, African American Studies, and History (AWH) at Clark Atlanta University. In her work, she connects Black women’s intellectual history to mental health and wellness. Her teaching embraces community-based research and community service-learning; she provides digital resources for empowerment poetry workshops. Dr. Evans is the author of three books: Black Passports: Travel Memoirs as a Tool for Youth Empowerment (2014), Black Women in the Ivory Tower, 1850-1954: An Intellectual History (2007) and a co-edited book, African Americans and Community Engagement in Higher Education (2009).

Suzanne Adams — Write to the Center offers writing workshops that promote personal growth, healing, and insight as a way of transforming and honoring the experiences of your life in and around in Houston, Texas, as ongoing writing/mentoring sessions, and for conference presentations.

Trinka PoliteTrinka is a Licensed Professional Counselor with experience in mental health and career counseling. She is now embracing her gift as a poet and sharing her work with the world through published collections.