Institutional Members

Goddard College: goddard_2005Goddard is a small college in rural Vermont for plain living and hard thinking. Founded in 1863, Goddard is recognized for innovation in education. Its mission is to advance the theory and practice of learning by undertaking new experiments based upon the ideals of democracy and the principles of progressive education asserted by John Dewey. Goddard’s students are regarded as unique individuals who take charge of their own learning and collaborate with other students, staff and faculty to build a strong community. Goddard encourages students to become creative, passionate, lifelong learners, working and living with an earnest concern for others and the welfare of the Earth.

Goddard College is also where Transformative Language Arts was founded in 2000 as a concentration in the Individualized MA Program, and where the TLA Network, and the Power of Words conference started. Goddard organized the first six Power of Words conferences, from 2003-2008. In 2009, Goddard transferred the conference to the TLA Network, and now partners with the TLA Network in hosting the annual conference. Goddard College is the TLA Network's first institutional member.

Renaissance Muse: Renaissance Muse™ literally means the revival of our creative genius. The focus of Renaissance Muse™ is to teach individuals how to shape their experiences into transformative stories that can lead to personal change. Yvette A. Hyater-Adams, an accomplished organization development and diversity consultant, added the Renaissance Muse™ practice to her successful change management business in 2001. After years exploring and researching personal transformation models (i.e., spirituality, empowerment and expressive arts), Yvette desired to find ways to use creativity to help her clients navigate through the paradox of living in a fear-based yet prosperous culture. Her own history as an artist (musician, poet, and photographer) and change agent is a catalyst for using creative energy and reasoning as a holistic approach to attain personal success. Renaissance Muse™ creates services and products that support personal growth, including workshops and coaching on transformative narrative approaches, leadership and creativity. The uniqueness of Renaissance Muse™ is in using transformative language arts (TLA) that draws upon creative writing, storytelling, drama, visual arts and other forms of communicative arts that play a part in healing and empowering lives. TLA is the intentional use of the written and/or spoken word for personal change.

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