Who is the TLA Network?


Coordinator Deb Hensley, Council Members Joanna Tebbs Young, Amber Ellis (with Ronan), Miriam Gabriel, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg; members Scott Youmans; Taina Asili; council member Seema Reza

Members of the Transformative Language Arts Network include poets, novelists, therapists and counselor, ministers, grant-writers, youth development workers, computer programmers, school teachers, English professors, master composters, and folks from many walk of life that want to connect to each other and support the development of language used for liberation, growth, and celebration. For more information about some of the individuals in our Membership, a great place to look is at the TLA Network Map and our Member Pages listing. We welcome you on committees, as part of our governing council meetings, at the annual conference, and as part of our projects. Please contact us to get involved.


TLA Network is governed by a council, the membership of which is arrived upon annually.  In council, we come together as equals, all drawing on our gifts and working with our challenges cooperatively to forward the mission of the Network. The council convenes by phone regularly and in person at the annual meeting. Council members as of 2013-2014 are Callid Keefe-Perry, chair; Heather Severson, One City One Prompt project director; Keegan Otlon, treasurer; Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, conference chair; Amber Ellis, editor of Chrysalis: A Journal of Transformative Language Arts; Miriam Gabriel, blog coordinator and secretary; Seema Reza; Joanna Tebbs Young; and Deb Hensley (ex-officio as Network Coordinator).


In addition to the council's support, the Network has the paid staff position of Network coordinator, Deb Hensley (learn more about Deb here). Our coordinator is the first direct line of service available to people interested in TLA, or with particular questions aboutany aspects of the Network, the Power of Words Conference, and Networking. More on the Contact Us page.alll











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