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Vision of the TLA Network

The TLA Network exists to support and promote individuals and organizations that use the spoken, written, or sung word as a tool for personal and community transformation. As such, the Network is committed to providing spaces, both physical and electronic, where people interested in Transformative Language Arts can share resources, network, learn, and enhance their capacity to practice Transformative Language Arts as Right Livelihood in their communities.


The Network has focuses on three areas for particular advancement and development:

  • Growth of the Field and Profession of TLA: In coming together to amplify TLA, we can both grow the field of study that is TLA and the profession of making a living from TLA. Such growth also helps those who have been doing TLA without a way to name their work in a larger context.
  • Connection and Networking: Through providing opportunities for individuals and groups to meet, share resources, teach and learn from each other, and help enhance one another's work, we bridge many fields and traditions, groups and institutions. Such a network allows all involved to make informed decisions about the direction of their TLA work, and provides opportunities for alliances, joint projects, education, and inspiration.
  • Right Livelihood through TLA: Right Livelihood, a Buddhist term connoting the work we do in the world to serve our communities and make the most of our gifts, when applied to TLA encompasses the art of facilitation, ethics, engaging diversity, the business of TLA, and self-care.

Guiding Values

  • Cooperation — collaborating for the good of all.
  • Community-building — fostering community among those of us in the field, and sharing tools and for strengthening our local communities.
  • Empowerment — working in ways that help people, organizations, businesses, institutions and communities further empower themselves.
  • Sustainability — developing sustainable ways to do this work we love, build community, and sustain our individual and collective health.
  • Collective Wisdom — recognizing that we each hold a piece of the truth, and together, we can best honor the love and wisdom guiding us.

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The Transformative Language Arts Network is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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