Welcome to the TransformatJimmy Santiago Bacaive Language Arts Network! We support individuals and organizations that promote forms of the spoken, written, and sung word as a tool for personal and communal transformation. Here’s what new with us:

“How can one diminish the power of words and what they have done to me? They’ve changed my life, taught me to love, described what deep learning is, opened my eyes, shaped my speech, all bound together and much more to give me an amazing life, and this conference swells with that importance. It’s the epiphany and epicenter of using language to learn to love ourselves and others.” — Jimmy Santiago Baca

Power of Words conference: Sept. 18-20, 2015, Kansas City (at beautiful Unity Village): Register now for this life-changing conference. Keynoters include writer Jimmy Santiago Baca, playwright Darren Canady, spoken word artists/actors/writers/activists Sha Cage and E.G. Bailey, and poet and writer Xánath Caraza. Rates go up Aug. 1, so register today!


Classes also help fulfill requirements for the New TLA Foundations Certification.

laura packerLet’s Talk TLA! A Web/Phone Q&A Followed by a Poetry Open Mic! Free! Hosted by Kelly DuMar with Laura Packer, storyteller, writer, and consultant, Thurs, August 20, 2015, 8pm (Eastern)

Changing the World With Words: Transformative Language Arts Foundations with writer, facilitator, and coach Joanna Tebbs Young, MA-TLA.
Six weeks: October 12 – November 16

The Word Artist in the Public Square: with Kansas Poet Laureate Emeritus, writer, author, and mentor Denise Low. Six Weeks: Nov. 2 – Dec. 13.

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