Welcome to the Transformative Language Arts Network! We support individuals and organizations that promote forms of the spoken, written, and sung word as a tool for personal and communal transformation. Here’s what new with us:photo (13)

Selfies: Exploring the Self & Body Through Photography & Writing – with educator, activist, and performance artist Angie River, uses a series of paired photography “selfies” and writing prompts to explore our identities and bodies. We will investigate the ways we view ourselves, and how we present ourselves to others.
Apr. 6 – 27. More here.

Changing the World with Words: TLA Foundations – with Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg & Joanna Tebbs Young immerses participants into TLA, including history, theory and practice, genres and arts, community practices, ethics, and more as well as TLA in service, as a catalyze and as part of our vocations and avocations. Creative writing prompts, discussions, and great community abound. Mar. 9 – April 19. More here.

Classes also help fulfill requirements for the New TLA Foundations Certification.

Jimmy Santiago BacaPower of Words Conference 2015 early bird rate now available!  Sept. 18-20, 2015, Kansas City (at beautiful Unity Village): Register now for this life-changing conference. Keynoters include writer Jimmy Santiago Baca, playwright Darren Canady, spoken word artists/actors/writers/activists Sha Cage and E.G. Bailey, and poet and writer Xánath Caraza.

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