Who is the TLA Network?

Members: Members of the TLA network include poets, novelists, therapists and counselor, ministers, grant-writers, youth development workers, computer programmers, school teachers, English professors, master composers, and folks from many walk of life that want to connect to each other and support the development of language used for liberation, growth, and celebration. For more information about some of the individuals in our Membership, a great place to look is in the TLA Practitioners Directory & Map.

Council: TLA Network is governed by a council, the membership of which is arrived upon annually. In council, we come together as equals, all drawing on our gifts and working with our challenges cooperatively to forward the mission of the Network. The council convenes by phone regularly and in person at the annual meeting.

Council Members* & Committee Chairs for 2019 are Emilee Baum* (Council Chair), Caleb Winebrenner* (Conference Chair), Joanna Tebbs Young (Certification Chair), Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg (Classes Chair), Joe Maldonado*, Liz Burke-Cravens*, Louella Morgan-Richer*, and ex-officio member Teri Lynn Grunthaner*.

Executive Director: Teri Lynn Grunthaner, budding Drama Therapist, went from emergency Interim Coordinator to official TLAN Coordinator to Executive Director! She works from home with her sweet baby, Kylee Jade.

Please see the contact us page to get in touch. 

Photos: Top (from left to right) Caleb Winebrenner, Joe Maldonado
Middle: Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Emilee Baum
Bottom: Teri Lynn Grunthaner, Kylee Jade Beecher

"The Transformative Language Arts Network" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Kansas, P.O. Box 442633, Lawrence, KS 66044

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