Right Livelihood Training 2018 Graduates

The first cohort for Your Right Livelihood training included 11 people from across the country, ranging from 25-70 in age, and including writers, storytellers, teachers, administrators, business owners, students, retirees, singers, health professionals, and more. Here's some of the group: (from left) Carol Pranscke, Caleb Winebrenner, Laura Packer, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, Valerie Stemac, Diane Glass, and Liz Burke-Cravens.

Regardless of whether you are 30 or 70, this program will change your life. Caryn and Laura are wise women who will guide you back to who you really are. The Right Livelihood Professional Training gave me the tools to wade through all the possibilities, identify those that best expressed my values, and make a plan for my future.”

~ Diane Glass, writer and spiritual director, Des Moines, Iowa

“As an entrepreneur and an artist, life gets complicated quickly for me with many well-intended distractions that could cloud my judgements and take me farther from my callings. This training gave me the clarity and strength to hear the sounds of others along this journey like echoes in the cave I am exploring. I am not alone. And I've got many people to support me in my quest for success. That is the unexpected gift of the training for me. Thank you for giving me back my vulnerability so that I could find my tribe.”

~ Brenda Magnetti, a reformed dreamer who embraced her fear and found her courage to make one step at a time on her path forward, Chicago, Illinois

“It is no exaggeration to state that this training changed my life. The RLPT course not only taught me how to improve my professional portfolio, but, more importantly, how to live holistically as a creative person. I will continue to use the course materials for years to come, and will count myself very lucky to stay in touch with the outstanding community of people who were in my cohort.”

~ Rachel Gabriel, writer and facilitator, Minneapolis, Minnesota

“The Right Livelihood Professional Training helps artists like me develop a business, shine my light, and take care of myself along the way. Caryn and Laura, thank you for setting me on a path I've wanted all my life.”

~ Carol Pranscke, artist and writer, Longmont, Colorado

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