2021 Power of Words Conference Schedule

With the goal of keeping our community safe during COVID, we moved this year's Power of Words Conference online using the video conferencing platform Zoom, from October 28-31, 2021Hosting a conference online creates some interesting challenges, while also providing wonderful opportunities to do things differently! 

In addition to our four incredible keynotes, Joy Harjo, Lyla JuneCaits Meissner, and Javier Zamorawe are excited to present close to 30 workshops led by transformative language artists from around the globe, spanning 20 time zones. You can read more about the sessions and other events throughout the weekend here.

The schedule posted below provides a quick overview of the weekend's events. You can also download a PDF file version of the schedule here. The lefthand side of the schedule lists the Conference schedule across some of the major time zones represented at the Conference, and the righthand side shows the Pre-Conference and Conference schedule. Please note: in order to attend the Pre-Conference, you must register for the Conference first. Unfortunately, we are unable to extend scholarship funds towards the cost of attending the Pre-Conference.

Zoom links to all Conference events will be emailed in the days prior to the Conference.

We hope you will join us!
Hanne Weedon, Managing Director
& the Power of Words Conference team

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TLA Network's 2021 Power of Words Conference

Thursday, October 28th


A showcase of recent work created by Kelly DuMar's TLA Network class, Your Memoir as Monologue. This event is free and open to the public, and will be on Zoom. 

Friday, October 29th  


Keynote Workshops and Panel Discussion

P1.  Pre-Conference Workshop #1: Caits Meissner

P2. Pre-Conference Workshop #2: Lyla June

P3.  Pre-Conference Workshop #3: Javier Zamora

P4.  Pre-Conference Panel Discussion: Joy Harjo, Lyla June, Javier Zamora, and Caits Meissner.


Opening Remarks & Welcome - TLA Network Managing Director, Hanne Weedon & Board Chair, Liz Burke

Keynote #1 - Lyla June

Social Gathering - Night Owls Open Mic Reading

Saturday, October 30th 

Conference, continued

Session Track #1

1A. The Self-Expression Experience: Methods for Healing and Bonding in Recovery from Addiction- Dylan Lundgren

1B. Theatre for All - Inclusive Theatre and Poetry for People of Diverse Abilities in SW Minnesota - Wilbur Neushwander-Frink, Diana Joseph

1C. Writing to Right the World: Channeling Soul Force - Jennifer Browdy

1D. Mindful Writing - Marianela Medrano

1E. Kissing the Muse: A Messy, Magical, Art-Making Adventure - Robbyn Layne McGill

Session Track #2

2A. Storyteller as Cartographer: Mapping the Imagination - Caleb Winebrenner

2B. Intuition is Your Superpower: Reclaiming Your Wisdom Through Writing - Elizabeth Perlman

2C. Writing Parenthood - Kimberly Lee

2D. Writing Beyond Borders! Processing Social Commitments, Racial Justices and Community Wellbeing in a Pandemic - Jennifer Hartmark-Hill, MD, Lizanne Fehsenfeld, MD, and Stephanie Troutman Robbins, MD.

2E. A Virtual Greenhouse--Cultivating, Nurturing, and Sustaining Creative Growth through Literary Friendship - Rachel Gabriel, Elizabeth Burke, and Diane Glass, with Kelly DuMar, moderator

2F. Plants, Painting, and Poetry: Community building with Youtube - Nicelle Davis

Keynote #2 - Javier Zamora

Session Track #3

3A. Metaphor Magic: Transforming Challenging Emotions into Creative Radiance - Hilton Koppe

3B. The Shortest Distance Between Two People is a Story - Judy Fort Brenneman

3C. Not Quite: Asian Americans and the "Other" in the Era of the Pandemic and the Uprising - Ada Cheng

3D. Visioning for Justice - Vynetta A. Morrow

3E. Building Your House of Right Livelihood - Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

3F. Qiqong or Energy Cultivation - Katia Hage

Keynote #3: Joy Harjo

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Sunday, October 31st

Conference, continued

Session Track #4

4A. Inside the bones : finding words for what cannot be spoken - Dr. Nathalie Frickey

4B. Flash Fiction: Finding Our Words & The Path to Healing - Riham Adly

4C. Warrior Pose: Self & Community Care Retreat and Workshop for Social Justice Educators - 

Zena Robinson-Wouadjou and Vanessa Emile

4D. The healing power of language: how does it really work? - Barbara Mainguy & Lewis Mehl-Madrona

4E. Filling the Vessel: Unmasking Our Stories of Pandemic/Post-Pandemic Self-Care - Lyn Ford

Keynote #4: Caits Meissner

Session Track #5

5A. What is a Day? Writing Poetry as a Practice of Seizing and Being Seized - Kelly DuMar

5B. Making Space for Grief with a Creative Notebook Practice - Lisa Chu, MD

5C. Storytelling & Narrative: Creating Transformative Experience & Liberatory Action in Education and Movement Space - Diana Waters

5D. Collaborative Writing: Building Community Through Poetry - Angie Ebba

5E. Teaching Tools for TLA Practitioners & Artists - Liz Burke

Conference Closing

Session Descriptions

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