Call for Proposals

Now accepting proposals for the 2019 Power of Words Conference! All you need to do is:

  1. Read the information below carefully
  2. Use the following form to submit your proposal by March 28, 2019
  3. Email your CV or resume to the

DEADLINE for submission: March 28, 2019

The 16th Annual Power of Words Conference will be held September 26-29th at The Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale, Arizona and we are seeking your session proposals!

This powerful conference brings together writers, storytellers, performers, musicians, educators, activists, healers, health professionals, community leaders, and more. Together we explore the written, spoken, and sung word, seeking to find how it can bring liberation, celebration, and transformation to individuals and communities.

We invite your proposals for experiential, didactic, and/or performance-based sessions that focus on writing, storytelling, drama, film, songwriting, and other forms of Transformative Language Arts (TLA).

We encourage proposals from people of color, low-income people, people with disabilities, queer-identified people, and people of transgender and/or gender-non-conforming experience.

Session Type

After filling in the presenter information (name(s), email address(es), phone number, mailing address, bio(s)), you will be prompted to choose your Session Type. Please submit a separate proposal for each session. There are five types of sessions (adapted from NASCO Institute):

  • Presentation: Participants receive information from one or more presenters. The presentation may include activities, discussions, or Q&A but for the purpose of transmitting information from presenters to participants.

  • Panel: Much like a presentation, but participants instead receive information from multiple presenters engaged in a facilitated discussion. See below for 2017 panel topics.
  • Workshop: Participants work together or individually to create something, such as a body of shared knowledge, piece of art, or poem. The facilitator of the session primarily serves to help the group develop their work by providing a framework and methodologies, but does not necessarily contribute to the work product.

  • Skill Training: Participants practice a skill or set of skills with the instruction and guidance of a trainer. A skill-share requires appropriate materials and space for participants to practice a skill, such as a dance floor for embodied movement or small groups for communication skills. If time/space/materials are limited, not every participant may have a chance to practice directly and instead learn from observing others demonstrating/learning. However, if only the presenter demonstrates the skill, the session is more properly a presentation.

  • Performance: Participants witness a performance of storytelling, theater, song, music, etc. by one or more performers. The performance is the main component of the session, and may stand on its own or be preceded or followed by discussion or other types of engagement.

Proposal Requirements

If your session is a presentation, workshop, skill training, performance, and networking opportunity, you will be prompted to submit the following information:

  • Session Title
  • Print-Ready Session Description -- 50-100 words. Please see examples of descriptions here.
  • Print-Ready Biography -- 50-100 words, written in 3rd person.
  • Session Outline / Notes -- Please provide an outline of your session and/or any notes on the session. This information is for our review and will not be distributed. For example, describe the purpose of your work, how it will unfold, and who might benefit.
  • Participation Level -- Lecture-based, lecture & discussion, or highly interactive
  • Category -- The thematic strand which is most applicable to your proposal. You may check more than one, but please do so only if each are an integral theme in your session:
    • Narrative Medicine (healing and health related to the written, spoken, and sung word)
    • Right Livelihood (making a living from what you love in service to your community)
    • Social Change (community building , activism, and more)
    • Engaged Spirituality (spiritual and/or religious practices related to TLA)
    • Ecological Literacy (restoration, rehabilitation, environmental justice, and place-based TLA)
  • A/V Needs -- Flip chart, projector, and/or speakers.

Additionally, if you are wishing to participate in a panel, you will be prompted to submit the following information:

  • Topic -- Please submit multiple proposals if you wish to contribute to more than one panel:
    • Right Livelihood
  • Contribution -- What you wish to contribute to the panel discussion, including what experience and/or expertise will you be drawing from.
  • Focus -- What questions and/or themes you would like to be included in the discussion agenda.


Finally, there are three terms/agreements for presenting at POW:

  • CV or Resume -- Your proposal is not complete until you email your CV or resume.
  • Attendance -- If you're proposal is selected and you accept the invitation you are agreeing to attend the full conference.
  • Registration -- We request that all presenters register by the Early Bird deadline (July 11th, 2019). At this time, we do not have the funding to give all presenters complimentary registration. Presenters receive $20 off Early Bird registration, coming to $210 for members and $230 for non-members. Scholarships are available for people who need help covering registration.

You will be notified if your session is accepted by the end of April, 2019. Thank you!

For further information or questions, please contact the

DEADLINE for submission: March 28, 2019

"The Transformative Language Arts Network" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Kansas, P.O. Box 442633, Lawrence, KS 66044

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