Writing the Deep – Reflections on Spirituality and Meaning

July 8 – Aug. 18 , 2013.  | Taught by Callid Keefe-Perry | $210 non-member; $189 members.

"Our language isn't just for communicating — it's for co-creating, it's for communing. With our words, we bring realities into being, we track our history, we polish our present, and we carve out the direction of our future; we renew, awaken, and build…"

― Dave Harrity

Write into Renewal

Over the course of these six weeks we will explore various perspectives on the ways in which reading and writing can bring us into a powerful space of spiritual reflection. Emphasizing the way that a writing practice helps us to bring intention and attention into our inward life, participants in this course will spend six weeks reflecting on the things that matter most to them, explore the metaphors that guide their lives, and consider if there are new understandings or callings around the corner. Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Humanist, or Wiccan, all are welcome as the work done is adaptable to wherever you are in your journey: the course is about moving into the depths from where you already are. 

What You'll Leave With

5 repeatable writing practices for reflection and meditation

Clearer self-articulation of what matters most to you

Fresh perspectives on your faith tradition and/or spiritual practices

Plans for the continued use of writing in your spiritual life 

Course Outline:

Week 1:  The Power of Metaphor

Week 2: Nurturing the Imagination 

Week 3: Seeking the Spiritual in the Everyday

Week 4 : Making Space (and Time) to Reflect

Week 5:  Conversing with Tradition

Week 6:  Carving Plans for the Future


Callid Keefe-Perry is a Quaker, acts with an improv comedy theatre group, consults on the use of the Arts in public school classrooms, is the national coordinator of the Transformative Language Arts Network, and is a PhD student in Practical Theology at Boston University's School of Theology. 

Most of his work connects to language and how it shapes our dreams and hopes for the future. He maintains both TheImageOfFish.com and Theopoetics.Net, as internet resources for theologians and those interested in his writings and films.  Pastorally he is committed to helping people find their own voice  with which to express their experience of the Divine, exploring how expression influences experience, and encouraging dialogue rather than debate. He believes in the possibility of a Just World while he still lives. More information about Callid is at CallidKeefePerry.com.




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