Journaling Through: 6 weeks to Re-Write Your Life!

March 25 – May 6 , 2013.  | Taught by Angela Caughlin | $210 non-member; $189 members.

"Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation which is not nurturing.” 

― Maya Angelou


What do you want to change in Yourself?

Now is your opportunity to choose a habit or situation that, if you changed it, that act would re-write a piece of your life.  Would it change your life if you dropped the habit of fear or negative thinking?  Would it change your idea of what is possible if you changed the habit of jealousy or not believing in yourself?  Or expanded  the positive things that you want more of in your life, like creative time or exercising? 

Research shows that it takes 28-30 days to change a habit or create a new one.  Six weeks is 40 days of using the power of journaling to rewire your neural pathways and release or change habits that no longer serve you and wire in new ones that open doors and create new life.

Break your silence!  Allow your wisdom to surprise you through your own journaling.  Join Angela as she guides you to understand how to tap into the power and wisdom that resides inside of you through the power of journaling!  


What You'll Leave With

Old habits released, and new ones created

A reframing of situations that leave you stuck

An understanding of how Brain-Wave Congruence works and rewires our Neural Pathways

Written intentions that resonate with the Wisdom of Your Soul

An understanding of the power myth plays in our own story


Course Outline:

Week 1:  Background on Journaling - Journaling as a Daily Practice |  Brain Wave Congurence and how to re-wire neural pathways

Week 2: Intentional Journaling – Conceptual Thinking | Identifying one of the 5 Life areas you want to work on

Week 3:  The Power of Thought - Understanding the Power of Thought |  Intention Writing  | The 3 step process to resolve problems

Week 4 :  Creativity - Understanding the Creative Process |  What's the Brain got to do with it? |  What fuels you?

Week 5:  Becoming Conscious/ The Inner Critic - Changing the focus | Recognizing Guidance | Permission to Deserve | Creativity – Flow

Week 6:  Vision/ Dreams - Reframing the vision | Creating a Legacy | The Conscious Path | Shifting to a New Dream/ Paradigm


IMG_0542.2010.wimberlyAngela H. Caughlin, LCSW, is an author, psychotherapist/life coach and speaker. She has worked in the non-profit sector and has also had a private practice for 20 years working with individuals, groups and organizations. Angela is a nationally known speaker in loss, change, transition, journaling, and the mind-body connection to create healthy living.

Angela is the author of the books, The Only Way Through, Journaling Your Way Through Loss, and Journaling Through: Unleashing the Power of the Authentic Self. She currently works at Baylor College of Medicine in the Transition Medicine Program and maintains a private counseling/coaching/speaking practice in Houston, Texas. More information is availabel at


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