Summer 2015 Classes

IMG_2158Not Enough Spoons: Writing About Disability and Chronic Illness with disabled writer, performer, and educator Angie River.
Six weeks: July 6 ­ – August 16

In the disability community many people prescribe to the “spoon theory.” As a disabled person dealing with chronic pain and fatigue, I know that many days I don’t have enough “spoons” to do the things I need or want to do. I have found writing to be a very healing act for me, both in allowing myself to accept the feelings I’m having, but also to give words to the things going on in my body and mind, both for myself as well as for others wondering about why or how I’m sick. This class will investigate the healing aspects of writing for those with  or who facilitate writing workshops for those with disability and chronic illness and will provide participants the opportunity to write and share their own narratives. Read more here.

Creating a Sustainable Story: Self-Care, Meaningful Work, and the Business of Creativity with storyteller, writer, coach, and communications consultant Laura Packer. Six weeks: July 27 – August 31

creative businessBeing a creative person in contemporary America is hard. The story many of us are told since childhood would have us believe that being an artist, writer or other creative person is contradictory to financial stability; that living a creative life means we have to give up creature comforts; and that we must work in isolation, achieving success only upon our deaths. This isn’t true. There are many joyful, sustainable and meaningful ways that we can craft our work and our lives. We can chose our path. Read more here.

Let’s Talk TLA!
A Web/Phone Q&A Followed by a Poetry Open Mic!

Moderated by Kelly DuMar
with Laura Packer

Thurs, August 20, 2015, 8pm (Eastern)

We hope you’ll join us in this free, online forum! Kelly DuMar, membership chair of TLAN, is inviting you to join us for a Q&A with storyteller, writer, coach, and communications consultant, Laura Packer, about how to establish a creative career and pursue meaningful work  as a Transformative Language Artist. Bring your questions or experiences – successes and failures to discuss with Laura and other TLArtists.

And there’s more to share. This unique discussion and networking opportunity will be followed by an Poetry Open Mic, moderated by Kelly DuMar.  The first eight people who sign up in advance are welcome to read up to three minutes of original poetry. Whether you’re reading your poetry aloud for the first time, or you’re a seasoned reader, this is a chance to share your writing in the supportive presence of appreciative listeners. It’s a remarkably fun and moving experience.

Want to teach for the TLA Network? We welcome proposals for online classes that are 1 week to 6 weeks long. All teachers are required to be TLA Network members. Please contact for further information.