Spring 2015 Classes

New classes ready for you! All these classes also count toward the requirements for the new Transformative Language Arts certification.

154475_150872431625911_150871691625985_242996_6281305_nAdventures in Songwriting: Fearless, Fun, & Soulful Ways to Write Your Own Song with rhythm and blues singer/songwriter Kelley Hunt. Two weeks: Feb. 10 and 24, 2015.

To many writers, both accomplished and beginning, the idea of writing a song can seem both inviting and mysterious. In this class we’ll demystify the process as we explore ways to begin our own songs, including learning the basic building blocks, why and how specific songs we know & love appeal to us and applying that information to creating our own songs, specific writing prompts that engage our imagination in ways we might not have experienced before, collaborating with other participants, and revising and completing a song. You’ll also have an opportunity to submit your work-in-progress for review. Plan on spending at least 1-3 hours on class assignments (although with songwriting, there’s really no time limit & will hopefully be an ongoing process long after the class is complete!).


Regi-Carpenter4Diving and Emerging: Finding Your Voice and Identity in Personal Stories with professional storyteller Regi Carpenter.  Six weeks: Feb. 2 – March 16.

This six week course explores the crafting and performance of personal stories for growth and community. We will focus on strengthening our imagination, story structure, emotional impact and performance skills. The class will be a balance of listening, reflecting, crafting and sharing. Our intent is to deepen awareness of the power stories play in personal and communal intellectual, emotional, and social development.

Changing the World With P1050311Words: TLA Foundations  with Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg and Joanna Tebbs Young. Six weeks: Oct. March 9- April 19.

This thorough introduction to all things TLA encompasses the personal and the global, the contemporary and the historic, and how TLA can be practiced through writing, storytelling, performance, song, and collaborative, expressive and integrated arts. Each Joannaheadshotsmall2week includes short readings, a lively discussion, and invigorating writing prompts to help you articulate more of your own TLA callings. Participants should plan on spending 3-5 hours on class assignments each week. We will also have two 40-minute conference calls (time to be determined in concert with everyone’s schedules), at the beginning and end of the class, to get to know one another and discuss questions and topics voice-to-voice. This class is also required for TLA Foundations Certification. Click here for more information.