Summer 2015 Classes

IMG_2158Not Enough Spoons: Writing About Disability and Chronic Illness with disabled writer, performer, and educator Angie River.
Six weeks: July 6 ­ – August 16

In the disability community many people prescribe to the “spoon theory.” As a disabled person dealing with chronic pain and fatigue, I know that many days I don’t have enough “spoons” to do the things I need or want to do. I have found writing to be a very healing act for me, both in allowing myself to accept the feelings I’m having, but also to give words to the things going on in my body and mind, both for myself as well as for others wondering about why or how I’m sick. This class will investigate the healing aspects of writing for those with  or who facilitate writing workshops for those with disability and chronic illness and will provide participants the opportunity to write and share their own narratives.


Changing the World With Words: TLA Foundations with writer, TLA founder, and educator Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, and writer and workshop facilitator Joanna Tebbs Young.
Six weeks: Oct. May 18 – June 28

This thorough introduction to all things TLA encompasses the personal and the global, the contemporary and the historic, and how TLA can be practiced through writing, storytelling, performance, song, and collaborative, expressive and integrated arts. Each Joannaheadshotsmall2week includes short readings, a lively discussion, and invigorating writing prompts to help you articulate more of your own TLA callings. Participants should plan on spending 3-5 hours on class assignments each week. We will also have two 40-minute conference calls (time to be determined in concert with everyone’s schedules), at the beginning and end of the class, to get to know one another and discuss questions and topics voice-to-voice. This class is also required for TLA Foundations Certification. Click here for more information.

Let’s Talk TLA!14012436171_dbb4fb47dd_k
A Web/Phone Q&A Followed by a Poetry Open Mic!

Hosted by Kelly DuMar
with Caryn Miriam Goldberg, TLA Network Founder

Thurs, June 11, 2015, 8pm (Eastern)

Have you ever wondered – or tried to explain to others – what a Transformative Language Artist is – or does?

We hope you’ll join us in this free, online forum to find out! Kelly DuMar, membership chair of TLAN, is inviting you to join us for a Q&A with Transformative Language Arts Founder, Caryn Miriam Goldberg, about what it means to be a Transformative Language Artist.

We’d love to hear about how you use writing in your approach to working with individuals and groups as well. And there’s more to share. This unique discussion and networking opportunity will be followed by an Poetry Open Mic where the first eight people who sign up in advance are welcome to read up to three minutes of original poetry. Whether you’re reading your poetry aloud for the first time, or you’re a seasoned reader, this is a chance to share your writing in the supportive presence of appreciative listeners.


Want to teach for the TLA Network? We welcome proposals for online classes that are 1 week to 6 weeks long. All teachers are required to be TLA Network members. Please contact for further information.