One City, One Prompt is a series of hosted writing, performance, and community-building events across the country to cultivate greater civility, deeper dialogue, and sense of purpose. For our inaugural year, the overall theme is COMMUNITY. People around the world will explore many aspects of this community, such as what community means, how to create and sustain community, what puts communities at risk and helps them thrive, how eco-community relates to human humanity, and how to hold community across  faith, race, ethnicity, class. It's up to you and your community to decide on your focus as it relates to the word and reality of "community."

Each experience is unique but collectively threads ideas towards a shared understanding of our greater national community, allowing participants, through the power of poetry, to begin to bridge partisan political views and engage in a civil discourse on community values. These events will culminate through an extensive, interactive website that will share participants' writing, experience, and each participating city's communal discoveries about itself through a variety of media, including the written word, audio recordings, photography and film.

How You Can Get Involved: We are currently identifying people with arts-based workshop experience who want to organize an event in their community, be it part of a conference, a booth at a festival, a workshop before or after a performance, etc. All facilitators receive a One City, One Prompt kit on how to organize, publicize, facilitate and document your own event; all facilitators are also invited to phone conferences with master facilitators to brainstorm on how best to develop their events. If you're interested in participating, see the Frequently Asked Questions page and/or contact us.

Please also visit our participating cities page so that if you wish to join people in your city we can help you get in touch.