Travel & Lodging

10329308_765482440162911_6278836744945668397_nThe conference officially begins at dinner (6 p.m.) Fri., Sept. 18 and ends after lunch at 1:30 p.m. on Sun., Sept. 20. We will be set up to check you in all day Fri., and if you plan to arrive early enough for lunch, please let us know.

If you plan to come for pre-conference workshops, and you’re coming a distance, you can arrive Thurs., Sept. 17. We will be here ready to check you in at 3 p.m. Thurs., Sept. 17.

If you are flying, Kansas City International airport is 35 minutes away (shuttle and car rental information below). If you plan to join us for pre-conference workshops and arrive on Thurs., you can plan to land anytime Thurs. If you plan to arrive Fri., plan to land before 5 p.m. if possible. For leaving Sun., you can plan on flights 2 p.m. or later. Depending on room availability, it is possible to stay at Unity Village Sun. night or to arrive a few days early for a personal retreat.

Unity Village

10401395_765482426829579_8788772330544147590_nUnity Village located 15 miles southeast of downtown Kansas City, Missouri, was founded 100 years ago as a quiet refuge and nurturing activities for body, mind, and spirit.The 1,200-acre Mediterranean-style campus has formal gardens, magnificent foundations, walking trails, a “green” hotel and conference center, library, bookstore and coffee shop, historic buildings, and many indoor and outdoor places of peace for prayer and meditation.

Lodging & Meals


Unity Village offers two sizes of motel rooms, and hotel rooms in its award-winning green hotel, and there are also nearby (within a mile) motels. The meals plans feature very fresh, nutritious, and tasty lunches and dinners, including excellent vegetarian options, and a continental breakfast. Note that there are a limited number of hotel rooms available with far more motel rooms available.

The listings below show the daily room and meal rates as well as the package cost for the conference (Friday dinner to Sunday lunch) and/or pre-conference (Thursday dinner to Friday lunch).

Daily Flat Rates
$97.00 — Hotel: 2 queen beds
$72.50 — Motel – large: 2 full beds
$59.00 — Motel – small: 1 queen bed
$48.00 — 2 meal package (lunch and dinner)

Conference Package (2 nights + 4 meals + 2 continental breakfasts)
$290 (single) and $193 (double) – Hotel
$241 (single) and $168 (double) – Motel – large
$214 (single) and $155 (double) – Motel – small

Pre-Conference Package (1 night + 2 meals + 1 continental breakfast)
$145.00 (single) and $96.50  (double) – Hotel
$120.50 (single) and $84.25 (double) – Motel – large
$107.00 (single) and $77.50 (double) – Motel – small

Meal packages for commuters: Commuters can get meal packages for $48/day for lunch and dinner, or $54/day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please call the reservations number below to make arrangements.

To make reservations: Call 1-866-348-6489 or 816-251-3540 to make a reservation through the Hotel’s Reservation Department. We encourage you to make your reservations by August 1, 2015. After that date, the rooms will be released back into Unity Village’s general inventory. Reservations can still be made; however, it will be based on rate and availability.

Getting To the Conference480221_369634023081090_1448205385_n

Flying in: Unity Village is approximately 35 miles from the airport. We will be sharing information soon on shuttle service and rental car discounts from Kansas City International Airport.

Driving in: We will contact you late summer to ask if you’re interested in offering anyone a ride or if you need a ride so that people can coordinate carpooling. Directions are here.

Train or Bus: The Greyhound station and the Amtrak station is in downtown Kansas City. You can arrange to take a taxi. More information forthcoming.

–> Travel Board: If you want to coordinate traveling arrangements with other attendees, please fill out this form, which will post your response to the POW 15 Travel Board.