Be A Co-Sponsor

Photo(18)If you're reading this, it is likely that you believe that the mission of your organization  is one that embraces the same vision of connection and empowerment that is the foundation of the Transformative Language Arts Network and our Power of Words Conference. We’re particularly excited about our 2014 event, the first time in the Midwest, with singer­songwriter Kelley Hunt; award­winning poet of spirit Scott Cairns; filmmaker of history and culture Kevin Willmott; international storyteller, coach, mentor and author Doug Lipman; artists­in­residence: painter, muralist (and poet) Jose Faus; and storm photographer Stephen Locke. Poet laureates from Missouri and Kansas ­­ William Trowbridge, Wyatt Townley, Denise Low, Caryn Mirriam­-Goldberg and Walter Bargen ­­ will also present a first­ever two­state reading. There are hands-­on workshops, small talking circles, innovative open mics, and big group performances that help people find ways to bring home practical and applicable wisdom.

Please help us bring all who need The Power of Words experience to our 2014 event. Your $40­-$60 combined with the donations of other cosponsors will break down the financial barriers that keep many in our community from attending. Please click here to sign up as a cosponsor today. Thank you for all you do. We appreciate any help you can provide. More on the conference here.

Benefits include:

  • Distribution of your flyers, brochures or other material to all attendees
  • Information about your programs, services and products in the conference program
  • Links to your organization or business on our website, Facebook page and Twitter
  • Table space at the conference to display information and sell products

For the conference committee: Caryn Mirriam­Goldberg, Diane Silver, Priscilla Howe, Ronda Miller, Matthew Porubsky, Ramona McCallum, Sandy Snook, Stephanie Christenson, Mary Wharff, Deborah Altus, Nancy Hubble, Thea Nietfeld, Caleb Puckett, Joanne Hickey, Iris Wilkinson, and Brian Daldorph

P. S. If you want to do more, you can be an official underwriter of the conference and increase the power of your gift tenfold. Please visit our underwriter page to learn more.