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  By Joanna Tebbs Young The journal is a place to nurture what is best within the self, and I think children understand that. — Lucia Capacchione, The Creative Journal for Children My daughter, who is eleven, has already managed to accumulate … Continue reading

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TLA Talks #4: Joe Maldonado

            It has certainly been quite the while since I recorded a TLA talk for our growing network of busy-bee language artists. Moving to New York, double jobs, finding time to write, sneaking in the simple … Continue reading

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When Writing to Relieve Stress Makes You Anxious

By Joanna Tebbs Young I made a mistake.  I recently presented a workshop at a local hospital about using writing as a stress reliever. The small  room was half full. While I am fairly comfortable speaking or facilitating with a … Continue reading

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Good Facilitating is not Teaching, by Joanna Tebbs Young

“I am not here to teach you anything.” Expressions of confusion flicker across the faces of those circled around me. Wasn’t the very reason they signed up for this workshop to learn something?I continue: “I am here to show you how … Continue reading

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Creating Safe and Sacred Space

by Joanna Tebbs Young It was a new writing workshop, just a few weeks old. Three people had been coming from the beginning, a fourth had joined this particular day. She — I’ll call her Shandell — was nervous; letting … Continue reading

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